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My character is Lalna! I have a lot of feels for his character progression, especially now that he seems more at peace with everything in the new flux buddies. So I've tried to make a fan mix and I hope it's okay!


Date: 2015-02-18 07:52 pm (UTC)
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Fantastic! Lalna was my fav character back when I first got into the yogs and he's still my favorite not-underyog. Tekkit-era Lalna is particularly interesting; his position as an irredeemable villain in Blackrock always struck me as very dependent on Rythian's unreliable narration. Lalna always seemed more like a (justifiably) paranoid guy who took things too far, rather than outright malicious. I imagine the nukes going off wouldn't have been as easy on his conscience as he might pretend it was.

When Nano first showed up in Lalna's lab she was very similar to Rythian in a lot of ways. Angry. Hurt. Looking for vengeance. Eventually purple and magic-y. I like to think that Lalna being able to form a friendship with Kim helped him deal with the fallout he had with Rythian. I mean, back in the first Tekkit world Rythian and Lalna were sort of friends; Rythian going after him wouldn't just be a stranger deciding they wanted you to suffer, but a friend deciding they'd rather hurt you than forgive your mistake no matter what you say. That bridge well and truly burnt, but then there's Nano who's so very similar and it's sort of like the second chance to make things right he never had with Rythian.

Also I'm a sucker for like half the bands you have on this mix.
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